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In our plant-growing chambers, we look at every single factor as a tool to get to know the plants better. With the helpf of LED lighting, climate control, nutrient control, sensory solutions and world-class lab technology, we find the answer to even the most hidden problems and develop perfect crop production algorithms.

We control every important

Led Spectrum

We maximize the yield by providing the necessary wavelength light.

Light intensity

Induction of proper physiological effects by varying the intensity of light

pH & EC

We are continuously monitoring the nutrient media to ensure that plants always receive minerals that correspond to their phenophase


We maintain the temperature at the level appropriate to the life cycle of the plant.


We also pay attention to the correct humidity to prevent fungal growth and ensure proper air supply.


Precise irrigation according to their needs but if needed, plants are exposed to drought-stress.


The crop production algorithm is obtained by recording time series of key factors (such as temperature conditions, nutrient composition, etc.) required for plant production. Our goal is to be able to reproduce a perfect quality end product for our customer at virtually endless times; if we can run the algorithms in a controlled environment we can scale the crop production to industrial scale.


Using state-of-the-art laboratory techniques (such as liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy, Brix measurement), we can tell you exactly how useful the nutrient, vitamin, or mineral content has been by using our algorithms.

Artificial intelligence

With cameras in Growberry modules, we teach our image recognition applications to identify the stage of development of the plants, so that one can always adjust the climatic conditions, the light spectrum and the composition of the medium to the particular phenophase.

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